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Your pitch & Vision

Recycling is one of the most crucial problems in Greece and a lot of materials that can be recycled end up in landfills. Our vision is to boost up the recycled products to 30% of the total trash and as a result to help our environment to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Recycling of products in Greece is a crucial problem as there are not so many facilities and most of the citizens don’t care about the effect of their rubbish on the environment.Based on these problems and the new legislation about recycling which will be in force next year, we developed BioCredit

Solution & Product

Our solution is based on a rewardable recycling model that will engage companies citizens and municipalities. New facilities will be installed which will operate with green energy which can be managed by an application. The user can gain credits from each transaction which can exchange for offers.

Validation of Problem

Greece is a late developer in recycling. EU statistics show that 81 percent of the municipal waste is going to landfills, 4 percent is composted and the rest 16 percent is recycled.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

In Greece, there is a major competitor Rewarding Packaging Recycling. This company has facilities in the Attica region and some other areas in Greece. The reward is 0.03€ per recycled product and the materials are plastic, aluminum, and paper. Our major difference is that our facilities will operate with clean energy which will be produced by the solar panels. In addition, our revenue model is with virtual credit which gives the opportunity to the user to recycle and get rewarded in real-time.

Team & Why Us

Our team has all the necessary knowledge, experience, and passion to support the business plan and develop BioCredit to promote recycling in Greece. Michalis Christodoulakis: CEO Nikolaos Schoinakis: CTO Dimitra Charalampopoulou: CFO Ioulia Ntoka: CMO


Biocredit is a innovative application that let's its user earn credits by recycling


Nick Schoinakis
Nick Schoinakis, CTO
Dimitra Charalampopoulou
Dimitra Charalampopoulou, CFO
Ioulia Ntoka
Ioulia Ntoka, CMO