Dream Green Alexandria, Greece

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Company Email: dreamgr33n@gmail.com

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Funding State: Bootstrapped


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Your pitch & Vision

My vision is making the world better, making the world green! All it takes is a little bit of motivation and a couple of minutes of our valuable time everyday and we can be and make the change we want to for an environment and a planet safer and better for us and for the future generations!


My company is dealing with the well known environmental problem our planet is facing. Everyday our ecosystem and the environment we live in is being destructed, polluted and abused by its own habitants. This is where my company is coming to change and save our planet and environment!

Solution & Product

My company is solving the problem of environmental destruction by inspiring and motivating people all around the world to adopt an active eco-friendly lifestyle via completing daily tasks that will benefit and protect the environment and even prevent its destruction.

Validation of Problem

The importance of the problem is well known to everyone and especially nowadays that environmental destruction is on point and in the worst version of it. It is urgent to do something about it now!

Competition & Competitive Advantage

What makes my company differentiate from other competitors is that we don't sell products or even services. What we do is we offer practical solutions to everyone, inspiring and motivating people and in return they get to benefit from our motivating reward system and even from the gift they ll be making to themselves and others by changing the world we live in to a world full of hope, a world green and safe for us and future generations.

Team & Why Us

The team currently consists of the man behind the idea and whole concept of this project, Bampalis Athanasios. Bampalis Athanasios is a nursing school student and soon graduate, creator/inventor of Blind Trust(A smart blindstick). I ll be looking for employers and co-workers for future cooperation.


An environmetanl movement for the better world we dream, for a world full of green!