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Your pitch & Vision

EnerGym : Change the world, one gym at a time, one pedal at a time.


One fundamental global issue is the encounter of a drastical increase in the CO2 emissions from fossil fuels combustion. Over 38 bilion tons of CO2 were produced worldwide in 2019 and that number worsens every year.

Solution & Product

Our solution to this problem is the development of exercise equipment that uses the kinetic energy of the athlete to produce electric energy. That same energy is being used to charge electric devices and reduce the energy consumption of the room in which it is used.

Validation of Problem

38 Gt of CO2 emissions worldwide, 65.5 million in Greece

Competition & Competitive Advantage

Of course we compete with the classic brands that sell sports-equipment, from which we differentiate via our energy-saving technology. However, our main competitor is the company SportsArt, based in Taiwan, that uses a similar technology. Our main difference, apart from the design and function of our products, is the fact that they mostly sell their products in the USA and our products are more affordable.

Team & Why Us

The EnerGym team is made out of 3 Mechanical Engineer students at NTUA. Although the product technology is being developed by all three members, we each undertook a business sector as such : Vaggelis is the production manager, Kostas is the financial manager and Danay is in charge of marketing.


We produce sports equipment that save energy. We’d like to improve the world one pedal at a time.