Garbage Of The Future Kallithea, Greece

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Employees: 5

Funding State: Bootstrapped


  • Energy


  • Data Analytics - Big Data
  • Hardware
  • IoT
  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

  • B2B
  • B2G

Revenue Model

  • Price per Item
  • Subscription

Funding Sources

  • VC

Your pitch & Vision

Our vision, is to create a clean environment without garbage on the streets using our technological advancements.


The problem we are trying to solve is the overflow of garbage on the streets including the smell that it causes, but also the inefficiency created by the bad waste collaction vehicle routes.

Solution & Product

We are combating the problem by introducing an automated system (which includes a device placed in the bins) that prevents the bins from overfilling while also creating optimised routes for the waste collaction vehicles .

Validation of Problem

Our device informs when the garbage bin is full in order for the waste collection vehicle [not to]/[to] collect waste if [not needed]/[needed], saving fuel and minimazing overall pollutants .

Competition & Competitive Advantage

Our major competitors are the companies who manufacture expensive modern bins which are difficult to supply in large quantities. That’s where we come in with our product.

Team & Why Us

We are all studying mechanical engineering in NTUA. Paul (CEO) and George(CTO) are in design and manufacturing , Venetia(CMO) is responsible for sales and marketing , Thomas(CFO) takes care of the financials and Stavros(COO) is responcible for organising the basic operations of the company.


A Green Company Thinking Ahead For A Cleaner Future.


Γεώργιος Κοσμαδάκης
Γεώργιος Κοσμαδάκης, CTO
Βενετία Μπάτσιου
Βενετία Μπάτσιου, CMO
Θωμάς Νταφόπουλος
Θωμάς Νταφόπουλος , CFO
Σταύρος Κοντόπουλος
Σταύρος Κοντόπουλος, COO