Helios Athens, Greece

Company Website: https://matheosp.wixsite.com/website

Company Email: helios.team.ntua@gmail.com

Employees: 5

Funding State: Seed


  • Energy


  • 3D Printing
  • Cleantech
  • Hardware
  • Robotics
  • Software
  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

  • B2C

Revenue Model

  • Price per Item

Funding Sources

  • Loan
  • Self

Your pitch & Vision

The early vision statement of Helios is to help people find fashion in their pursuit to aid the planet. We aim to create “green” garments that can charge electrical devices. Our vision is to expand our idea to more objects like mobile applications and portable solar collectors.


We strive to fill the lack of customizable garments, and consecutively reduce environmental pollution caused by charging devices. These problems will provide opportunities for our product to enter the market, as in today’s society both eco-friendly and fashionable products are highly sought-after.

Solution & Product

Firstly, we aim to offer the abilities to both customize their outfits and provide them help to find a garment that suits their dressing preferences. Simultaneously, small panels attached on the garments will store solar energy during daytime, in order to use it for charging purposes.

Validation of Problem

Offering the choice to express oneself through their chosen outfit is a prerequisite to feel confident. Also, protecting our planet is our duty as its inhabitants, and our product contributes to that.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

The range of our product’s uses and its ability to enter many markets means that we will have several competitors, from garment manufacturers to energy providers and charging services. Our product, though, has a competitive edge in the form of its applications. Investing in solar clothing enables people to not only dress how they prefer, but also charge their devices and partake in technological advancements- most importantly while consciously making a positive impact on the environment.

Team & Why Us

As ambitious Mech.Eng. students, we care about environmental technology. Our team includes members who have lived abroad, having a global perspective. All members have had contact with marketing or finance, including a member that was examined on business management on the IB international program.


Helios strives to create fashionable garments that can collect solar energy to charge devices


Ματθαίος  Πελέκης
Ματθαίος Πελέκης, Founder
Θεμιστοκλής  Τσαρουχάς
Θεμιστοκλής Τσαρουχάς, Founder
Μενέλαος  Χριστοδούλου
Μενέλαος Χριστοδούλου, Founder
Παναγιώτα  Τάγαρη
Παναγιώτα Τάγαρη, Founder