Hephaestus Θεσσαλονίκη, Greece

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Company Email: szsykiotis@gmail.com

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Funding State: Bootstrapped


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Your pitch & Vision

Our vision is to fulfill the uprising need for clean and renewable energy by installing and develop technology to maximize energy production, minimize the size power plants and keeping the environmental footprint minimum. We follow the path set by EU.


The reducing price of advanced technology for Geothermal power plants and the funding programs of EU for Low Carbon emissions power plants and technology combined with the Geology of Greece create an interesting opportunity for utilization Geothermal Power.

Solution & Product

We utilize the shallow heat source created by geologic environment of Greece. Our solution is a low emission power plant which produce from either a natural occurring steam / hot water or injected water, from, even, low-medium enthalpy system. The harnessed heat is also used for heating.

Validation of Problem

We solve the need for clean and renewable but also stable energy source. Geothermal power plants are a low maintenance power plant with a power source that fulfill the mentioned requirements.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

None of the companies produce power by utilizing geothermal energy. They are focused on waste management to produce fuel for their power plants, natural gas, solar panels and wind turbines. Most important is our high capacity factor and the low OpEx.

Team & Why Us

The team is composed by one, me. I'm a Geologist with interest in methods of geophysical surveys for the estimation of Curie Point Depth and, by extension, the geothermal gradient. My knowledge on economics and power plants comes from other similar projects that we researched with my team


In need of Clean and Renewable energy sources? We sit on the answer, Geothermal energy is the answer