Mare Nostrum Chania, Greece

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  • Environment


  • AI
  • Cleantech
  • Diagnostic/Imaging
  • Drones
  • Hardware
  • Networks
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Web or Mobile Application

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Funding Sources

  • Grant

Your pitch & Vision

Living in Crete, inside the Mediterranean Sea, we have seen the pollution destroying the marine landscape. Our vision is to put an end in marine pollution.


Human activities and lack of environmental friendly culture are depicted in our seas by tons of plastics. Volunteering in local clean-ups is the way to eliminate the pollution, but the lack of guidance and information in these teams, makes these actions not so efficient.

Solution & Product

The solution is to organize the clean-ups, by providing details about the pollution of regional coasts from trash. UAV boats with drones will scan the coasts. This information will be depicted in a map. The application is addressed to every citizen with environmental consciousness.

Validation of Problem

By solving the problem of information that the volunteering groups have, the potential of making an impact regarding the pollution of trash, is maximized.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

The main competitors are organizations with global and national activities. Every competitor approaches the same problem from a different aspect. Our main advantage is our supreme technology provided by PROBOTEK, with state of the art drones and UAVs. Moreover, the detail of the information is notable, as our methods can be more specific than those of our competitors. The breakthrough we provide is the formation of a volunteering teams’ network.

Team & Why Us

We consist of Antonios Marakakis (Chief Operation Officer), George Petsas (Chief Financial Officer), Dimitrios Petsas (Chief Marketing Officer), Evaggelos Nazaris (Full Stack Developer), powered by PROBOTEK. We combine the financial and programming knowledge with a clear vision of our plan.


Mobile map application, which depicts the weight of trash in the regional beaches.