MOA (Mineral and Ore Auction) Θεσσαλονίκη, Greece

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Employees: 4

Funding State: Bootstrapped


  • Raw Materials


  • Networks
  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

  • B2B
  • B2G

Revenue Model

  • Commission Fee
  • Marketplace/Brokerage

Funding Sources

  • Crowd
  • Self

Your pitch & Vision

Our vision is to become pioneers and integral part of the mining industry and enrich the country’s potential for proper mineral resource handling through the introduction of a platform committed to helping both partnering companies and the environment


Our resources continues to be extinguished and the cost of exploration and mining is increasing so we need to act in order to cover our increasing demands for resources in a way that we don't affect the environment.

Solution & Product

Our platform will allow companies to auction and sell off their unused minerals and other residues, cutting storage costs and offering convenience to its users.

Validation of Problem

We need to cut the expenses of storage of unused minerals and rocks but without affecting the environment in any way but also reduce the cost of exploration and mining or increase their income

Competition & Competitive Advantage

We don't have any direct competitors except possible cooperation between mines

Team & Why Us

Because we don't have many members in our team, we don't have any particular positions. We have programming skills and also marketing skills but most important we have a vision.


One man's trash is another man's treasure. In our case is more


Nikos Skourogiannis
Nikos Skourogiannis, Other




2021 - Funding ETBA ΒΙΠΕ - Beyond Circularity