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Company Email: tzitzikopoulos.marinos@gmail.com

Employees: 3

Funding State: Bootstrapped


  • Smart & Sustainable Cities


  • IoT
  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

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Revenue Model

  • Advertising
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Funding Sources

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Your pitch & Vision

We envision the design and construction of temporary accommodation facilities addressing important social issues, such as ensuring housing for all people, while providing adequate living conditions. Simultaneously we intend to reduce the human footprint and reinforce the circular economy.


The accumulation of waste, especially nonbiodegradable, natural disasters, social inequalities and huge migration and refugee flows are significantly important global issues. Therefore we are trying to reduce human footprint on the environment and providing people-in need a shelter for a better life

Solution & Product

We design and manufacture recycled accommodation structures, temporary residences, neighborhoods with the processes of molding and additive manufacturing (3d printing). We mainly use recycled plastics in form of resin but also with the use of admixtures of other recycled materials.

Validation of Problem

Build the resilience of the poor and those in vulnerable situations and reduce their exposure and vulnerability to climate-related extreme events and other environmental shocks and disasters. UN-GOAL1

Competition & Competitive Advantage

The competitors' sector includes companies that use concrete in 3d printing or others that offer prefabricated structures. However only a few companies use plastic as 3d printing material or plastic bricks for construction. We combine plastic and rubber waste with 3d printing in large scale, enhancing the circular economy, while creating innovative products. Finally, with flexible and on-site design, we manage to offer a more economical and faster solution.

Team & Why Us

Our team consists of ecologically aware young people, equipped with knowledge around the fields of architecture, production and management engineering and in electrical and computer engineering. We would like to develop new technologies and ensure that everybody has a home where he/she can be safe.


Δημιουργία εφαρμογής η οποία θα προωθεί την πράσινη κινητικότητα στις πόλεις έναντι επιβραβεύσεων


Georgia Kokolaki
Georgia Kokolaki, CoFounder
Fotis Bampaniotis
Fotis Bampaniotis, CTO