Tront Thessaloniki, Greece

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Employees: 5

Funding State: Pre-Seed


  • Innovative Green Products & Advanced Materials


  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

  • B2C

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  • Angel
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Your pitch & Vision

Our goal is to utilize foods that are close to their expiration date, cooked portions of food, ready meals as well as food that is left over in our home for disposal to other interested parties or people in need of food (through NGOs).


Food waste is one of the biggest problems on a global scale. In Greece, this waste amounts to 400,000 tons of garbage per year, is responsible for 9.2% of total greenhouse gas emissions and costs about 1.25 billion euros per year in the Greek economy.

Solution & Product

By creating an innovative application-intermediary (mobile app & web platform) we will bring food donors (supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, people, etc.) in contact with those who need the food that would be thrown away, thus creating a social food redistribution network.

Validation of Problem

A Greek family of four throws an average of 120 kg of food in the trash every year. While at the same time more than 20K people (in Athens and Thessaloniki) are in need of food.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

The company "Robinfood'' mainly connects food producers and restaurants with consumers by offering the products at a lower price only through a web platform, it is in an early stage of operation and could not be considered a business threat. Abroad, there are applications (Too Good To Go, Karma, olio etc.) with a similar ideology to us and a great response in many EU countries, however they are active in another market and are not our direct competitor.

Team & Why Us

Sarantakou Anna-Angeliki - CEO & Co-founder Knowledge of supply chain management, business administration and data analytics. Karamanoli Eleni - CFO & Co-founder Knowledge of business research and supply chain. Tsimbris Vassilios - COO & Co-founder Knowledge of Marketing and Business Administration.


Reduce food-waste by connecting food-givers (restaurants, supermarkets, groceries) with food-needers


Vasilis Tsimpris
Vasilis Tsimpris, COO