Wardrobly Alimos Athens, Greece

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Company Email: hello@wardrobly.com

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Funding State: Bootstrapped


  • Smart & Sustainable Cities


  • Web or Mobile Application

Business Model

  • C2C

Revenue Model

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  • Marketplace/Brokerage

Funding Sources

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Your pitch & Vision

Online peer-to-peer fashion rental service! Airbnb of fashion with a sustainable culture! Become an online leading fashion service, enabled by people, offering a high quality of clothes and by cultivating the culture to create a more sustainable world!


Young people demand to be in fashion. No easy way exists to exploit the unworn items hidden in the wardrobes. High prices of mid-market to luxury brands. Fast Fashion leads to high production, high pollution and high waste. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world!

Solution & Product

Product service system through a peer-to-peer fashion rental platform where users rent and lend clothing items. Mid to Luxury fashion sharing economy that concludes to a circular model where value is co-created and retained.

Validation of Problem

Easy way to rent mid to luxury quality fashion items. Save money & time. Make money when lending fashion items. Share experiences, culture & quality locally. Enhance a green sustainable community!

Competition & Competitive Advantage

There is no direct competition in Greece. There were few B2C fashion rental services in past. Similar offerings in Western Europe is Byrotation, Hurr, or My golden closet. Our Competitive advantage is that we are a digital peer-to-peer platform with low operational & initial investment costs, high sustainable promotion & with our customers to gain money and high-quality fashion items! Easy scalable in many cities.

Team & Why Us

Zaires Sotirios. Business Development & Technology (full-time). ECE NTUA majoring Computer Science. Dimitrios Zaires Strategic Advisor (part-time) MSc Cranfield, MBA, PMI-RMP 8+Years Experience Ilias Karampasis Technology (part-time) ECE NTUA, MSc NKUA Full Stack developer A multidisciplinary team!


Online peer-to-peer fashion rental service.


Ilias - Stylianos  Karampasis
Ilias - Stylianos Karampasis, CTO
Sotirios Zaires
Sotirios Zaires, Founder
Dimitrios Zaires
Dimitrios Zaires, Other





2020 - Program DEFINE member – Paris Fashion Tech Bootcamp 13-14 February 2020
2020 - Program Praksis BCC Program (March – July 2020)