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Your pitch & Vision

Wind-E sells lightweight, water-resistant, portable Wind Turbine models that can easily be folded and fit in any kind of backpack, so you can take it anywhere, offering you unlimited and free energy to charge your essential devices.


Wind-E aims to help people during their outdoor activities by providing a solution to the energy issue they may face during camping, hiking etc. As per now, conventional power banks only provide a limited amount of charges which is a major restriction when no plug-in sources are available nearby.

Solution & Product

Model works on the same principle as any wind turbine (miniature of a wind turbine), where wind transforms the rotating mechanical energy to electrical. Then you can simply plug-in your devices to its USB port for direct charging. This device offers to all nature lovers a mobile charging point.

Validation of Problem

We're becoming increasingly reliant on our electronic devices getting us through our day-to-day activities.Many of the devices need regular charging but many charging options just aren’t up to scratch

Competition & Competitive Advantage

It much lighter than its closest competitors (which are limited too) and its generator along with the circuitry and the overall design provide higher outputs, even at low wind speeds. To lock-in customers, when a part of it is lost or for some reason breaks, they could order another one. Customers may also buy the product with, or without internal battery (in case they have their own power bank).

Team & Why Us

Founder-Harris (me): Mechanical and Renewable Energy Engineer with additional knowledge on business modelling and entrepreneurship CoFounder-Agamemenonas: Mechanical Engineer with a good understanding of electronics and PCBs. Both experienced with Solidworks and Inventor Software and 3D printing


Sells portable wind turbines to outdoor activities' enthusiasts, to charge their electronic devices.


Agamemnon Andreou
Agamemnon Andreou, CoFounder